Internet Business Owner Vs Business Opportunity Seeker

Internet Business Owner Vs Business Opportunity Seeker

Being a Internet Business Owner Vs Business Opportunity Seeker: One of the easiest things to do, especially when starting an internet based business, is to fall into the trap of becoming an opportunity seeker as opposed to being a business owner. This trap is especially present in the world of internet marketing. If you’re contemplating starting an internet based business you have probably experienced the marketing that is directed toward opportunity seekers.

This form of marketing and the products related to it exist because opportunity seekers tend to be a much easier “sell” than a typical business owner. The reason is simple; opportunity seekers aren’t really running a business, they’re trying to find the next magic bullet, secret sauce, or easy button to coast their way toward “lazy riches”.

Starting an internet based business that is founded on the constant search for the easiest way toward riches is a sure way to end up frustrated, constantly starting from square one, and angry at the latest product that didn’t deliver the goods.

The difference here is that the people starting an internet based business that see themselves as business owners are much more likely to be operating with a business plan which defines objectives and then works off of a strategy to achieve those objectives. This type of person is much more likely to be focused on executing the business strategy than looking for an “easy button”. Additionally the person with the business owner mentality is constantly building and taking steps toward reaching the business’ objectives as opposed to restarting a business every couple of months.

One of the aspects involved with opportunity seeking is that a clear set of objectives has not been set. This is one of the main reasons that so many “opportunity sellers” use terms like “wealth beyond your wildest dreams” and “stuffing your bank account with money”. Without clear objectives, these hot button pitches sound extremely attractive and tend to become more believable when they’re heard on a frequent basis.

While it may sound counter-intuitive, the opportunity seeker is going to work much harder than the business owner to achieve the same goals. The reason? An opportunity seeker is going to have to re-build the business from scratch with each opportunity that doesn’t work out. The business owner, on the other hand, will be constantly building toward reaching those goals, dreams, and aspirations that were set at the beginning of the journey.

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